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06 August 2014 @ 12:42 am
Deeper and Deeper  

You directed a video for Erotica's follow up single – Deeper & Deeper. It's a visual tribute to Andy Warhol style, Studio 54 and classic disco. Could you tell us more about the whole creative process and that specific mood you've created? Was it fun to be on the set of such videoclip?

Madonna wanted to do an Andy Warhol/Edie Sedgwick styled video. She believed, and I think this is accurate, that there was a similar feel to the times of America in the 'Roaring '20's' and the Disco '70's. A wildness. The video was made very quickly. "Deeper and Deeper" is a great song, one of her best dance records for sure, thanks to Shep Pettibone. The dance sequences in the video are 100% spontaneous. We loaded a dance floor with people, put her record on, and the dancing began. I have danced with Madonna many times. So I can understand why those people wanted to dance with her as well. It's a thrill. She also brought along Udo Kier and Holly Woodlawn who were part of the original Warhol crowd. Her pal Sofia Coppola (who I adore) came along, too, as well as Debi Mazar and Ingrid Casares.

We can definitely see Sofia Coppola there! Do you remember how she got the role?

We called her up and said, "We'll see you down there on Thursday." She said, "Great, see you there." That was it.